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We purchase properties throughout the metro Atlanta area. We're dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and professionalism.

Our team is fully licensed and has helped several families in the Metro Atlanta area solve their housing problems.



We Buy Houses As-Is

There are a variety of reasons to sell a house. No matter what they are, No matter the reason for wanting to sell a property, GFAC is here to help. We understand that timeliness is important, and we move quickly to give you a fair cash offer.

Selling to us is very simple

Atlanta Real Estate Wholesaler

Request a Quote

Once the offer is accepted, you pick the closing date. Your funds will be available on day of closing.

Atlanta Real Estate Wholesaler

Get an Offer

A GFAC representative will inspect your home. You will receive a cash offer within 24-48 hours of the appointment.

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Get Paid

Accept the offer and get paid in cash. We pay for referrals that we purchase!

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Visit our FAQ section.


Our customer base ranges from small investors to large institutional buyers.


How can we help?

Atlanta Real Estate Wholesaler

Our seasoned agents can help you determine the best locations to invest in based on your goals.

Property Buyers Atlanta

Let us guide you with our years of experience with both cash-only and financed purchases.

Atlanta Real Estate Wholesaler

Don't have it all figured out? We will help develop a customized investment strategy just for you!

Property Buyers Atlanta

If a fix and flip project is not ideal for you, a renovate and hold may be right. Generate a steady income while your equity increases. When the time is right to sell, the hard work is already done.

Property Buyers Atlanta

We can facilitate and guide investors through each aspect of renovation from qualifying contractors to determining what finishes or features will get the best return on investment.

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Have questions?

Visit our FAQ section.

FAQs for Sellers and Investors


What types of properties do you purchase?

Condos, duplexes, estate properties, higher end properties, houses in foreclosure, houses in probate, lots, manufactured houses, occupied rental properties. We purchase properties in any condition, shape, size, and value.

What fees do you charge?

No fees at all! The entire process is free of charge.

Do you pay referrals?

Yes, if we purchase the property that was referred.

Do you need access to my property?

Yes. We would need to enter all properties before giving a full cash offer.

How do you determine the value of my property?

The value is determined by extent and associated costs of necessary renovations, local market conditions, and urgency of the situation.

Am I obligated to take your offer?

No, you are under no circumstances obligated to take our offer. We believe that all of our offers are fair market value, but there is no pressure to accept our offer if you are not satisfied.

How quickly can you close?

We typically can close as fast as two weeks. However if the seller needs more time, we are flexible and will work on your schedule.

Other questions

Feel free to contact us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you pay in cash?

Yes. We pay in cash.


What does it cost to join your buyers’ list?

Zero! GFAC Real Estate never charges buyers for access to the deals we have in our inventory. ll that we ask is that new investors sit with one of our agents to get to know our company and build a connection. We know that there’s nothing more important in our business than relationships so we strive to keep and maintain them.

What additional fees will I pay to purchase houses from you?

You won’t. Unlike other companies that source properties for investors, GFAC Real Estate does not add on any additional fees prior to closing. We will ll never charge admin fees, paperwork fees, additional closing costs, or anything else. The only thing you’re on the hook for at closing will be the actual attorney’s closing costs. We purchase each of our properties ourselves and sell them to our buyers directly.

Can I view properties prior to purchase?

Absolutely! With very rare exceptions, GFAC Real Estate will never offer property for sale sight-unseen. For vacant homes, our agents will be happy to meet and show you our properties. For homes that are occupied, we schedule showings by appointment only to cause as little disturbance to the residents as possible. We sell all of our properties vacant by time of closing unless otherwise specified in marketing and contract documentation.

What is required to purchase homes from you?

GFAC Real Estate has made the purchasing process as simple as possible. We require a default $3,000.00 down payment at the time of signing and the ability to close by our specified close date. The only time the down payment amount will vary will be for buyers wanting to purchase sight-unseen, in which case we require $5,000.00 down payment or a match to what we have out for the property ourselves, whichever is greater. Depending on the circumstances of the transactions, closing dates can be adjusted on a case by case basis

Will we have time to inspect the property?

GFAC Real Estate encourages all prospective buyers to conduct as much due diligence as needed prior to submitting a contract. By default, we do not sell property with any contracted due diligence days so please be prepared to have your builder, lender, partners or spouse with you at the time of viewing if they’re needed to make a purchasing decision.

How do you find your houses?

GFAC Real Estate utilizes a number of channels to source our deals. We use our own direct marketing strategies, network heavily with local agents, SEO marketing, and more. GFAC Real Estate also works with a number of independent lead generators that send potential deals to us to evaluate and purchase. We leave no stones unturned in finding the best deals available in the city.