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Your partners in business, growth, and success.

Our services include Logistics, Real Estate, and Financial Services. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered.

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Atlanta Courier Services

Mid-Mile, Last-Mile, & Bulk Delivery Services.

Atlanta Real Estate Wholesaler

Helping you with Selling, Investing, Funding, & Research.

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Financial Services by GFAC Logistics

We can assist with Hard Money Lending, Loans, & Mortgages.


Who We Are

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GFAC Group is a multiservice company located in Metro Atlanta. Our company is dedicated to assisting our clients by providing intentional strategies that best suit their professional goals within the fields of real estate, logistics and financial services. 


We take personal value in the growth of our partners as we foster a profitable and sustainable culture within our community. We apply solutions specified to each partner and aim to cultivate an environment of trust and authentic relationship with those who connect with us. 


We are a personable company dedicated to the forward progression of our clients as well as our surrounding community. We are encouraged to provide you with the highest quality services on the market. 


At GFAC Group we defy limitations, consistently evolve with the advancement of technology, and operate with innovative understanding to reach into new markets globally. 


Our multifaceted services include but are not limited to; Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Renovation, Bulk Delivery, Funding, Medical Services, Technology, Energy and Financial Services. Connect with us today to discuss your options to increase your success and growth in business.  

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